Contemporary fashion label telling stories through color. Our ready to wear pieces embody an avant-garde street style for both men and woman.






Brand Manifesto

At Soltau, simplicity is important. This is the first step in our creative process where we design based on our current state of mind; keeping a balance between art & fashion. Our goal is to create a timeless product apart of an aesthetically sound collection. 



Its all in the details. From concept to production we stay hands on at every stage to make sure the highest quality fabrics and materials are sourced. Moreover we believe in local business and produce everything here in NYC.  





Our design process typically starts one of three ways; with a concept, color palette or particular garment idea as a base. By which we then build on it piece by piece; taking our time to explore all options until a solid look and feel is established. Keeping an open mind with colors, we choose three to accurately represent the mood of the collection. 

More Than a Brand

We strive to be an ever evolving brand, propelling the culture forward in a positive way. Soltau owes its thanks to you for being apart of the journey with us as we continue to grow. Everything we do, is to leave you curious in anticipation for more.